Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Once-ler - (2012) Set for Departure

Once-ler was formed in Dayton, Ohio more than a decade ago by four individuals
with a simple idea: write music they want to hear. Tired of cookie cutter cliché rock bands,
Once-ler has striven to break the mold of modern rock and they have worked tirelessly to form it in
their own image. Never afraid to change directions mid-measure-phrase-song or album,
Once-ler strives to forge something new every time they pick up a drumstick, tune a guitar, and plug in a mic.
The band can be seen performing in their hometown with some frequency, but prefer to take their sound on the road to new venues and more importantly, to new fans. Always pushing themselves forward, their newest album “Set For Departure” is no exception, and exemplifies in every way what the band set out to achieve from the beginning. Listen and you will know.

Once-ler, a band from Dayton, Ohio, takes its name from the Dr. Seuss classic story The Lorax (which I just recently saw with my kids), takes aim at the masses with their new album entitled "Set for Departure". An album full of adventurous exploration and hard-rockin' hooks.

The band has been around for almost seven years now, since their first release "Entropy" back in 2005, and then, "Last Day of Summer" in 2007, they have managed to stay under the radar, as Ohio's best kept secret. With the release of "Set for Departure", I think its time these guys get their time in the spotlight. "Departure" is a real hard rock fanatics wet dream, with an amalgamation of grunge, 70's retro-rock, progressive flair and metal that pleases my never-ending search for complete awesomeness. "Set for Departure" is a great leap for the band and definitely their most varied and promising release yet. Available as a digital release on Bandcamp and iTunes.


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