Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Buffalos - (2011) The Mahogany Secrecy

BIO: Entrancing like an opium vertigo, hard and dark like ebony but velvet like a geisha’s silken panties, THE BUFFALOS illegally distill music for doomed pirates, and freedom addicted basterdz.

After years of roving around the world from Thailand’s old opium dens through the heated bordellos of East Africa to the desperate yet divine landscape of Antarctica, The Duke, El Bavo, Lorenzo and The Breton decided to transcribe into music what it is like to live like a pirate (according to their own convenient definition).

This is how the infamous adventure of THE BUFFALOS started in 2008. The infernal crew defended its first EP (In Hell We Dwell – 2009) on more than fifty gigs, opening for legendary bands such as SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. They are standing by to board and scar the world again with their new five track canon ball: The Mahogany Secrecy.

Behold your outrageous kings, thou ravenous whores and thieves ! Hide your virgins and be ready to rock for THE BUFFALOS are in town to burn it all down ! Hell yeah !

Review: Going through the ever growing pile of cd's I have here, I dug out this little gem that I've had for awhile. Finally really sinking my teeth into this, I have to say this is one hell of an EP. These five tracks span many genres. Coming across like a seriously pissed off stoner-metal version of System of a Down. Mainly because of singer Le Duc's vocal delivery, that has alot common with Serj Tankian. Tons of groovy riffs are in store and head bobbing chorus's are in full effect, oddball time changes and just complete crazyness that I can't get enough of. Really looking forward to hearing what these guys do next!. Check this shit out!


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