Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eldorado - (2012) Antigravity Sound Machine

The new Eldorado album "Antigravity Sound Machine" has been recorded in DNA Recording Facility in Toronto in March 2012. The band counted with Richard Chycki as the producer.

Eldorado presented "Antigravity Sound Machine" , to be launched in the in Autumn 2012, in the Canadian Music Week industry festival and that was the start of what will be a very busy year. The presentation of the album in Spain will be in Madrid on June, the 2nd. This summer, in end July and August, the band will be touring in the USA. They are advancing to a few and selected media the album, previously to the release date. This will be followed by and extensive presentation tour in Europe this Autumn and Winter.

Eldorado's album "Golden" was named best Vox Populi Hard Rock / Metal album of 2009 by the USA Independent Music Awards. "The House of the 7 Smokestacks" was a finalist as best international song in the Australian Musicoz Awards. The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) selected "Atlantico" as a finalist in the rock composition category. The album received an accumulation of excellent reviews in specialized media and a great response from the people in Jango.com, where the band has been in the TOP 10 bands on several occasions.

This second album was recorded and mixed by Richard Chycki producer in his Toronto studio and mastered by Andy VanDette in New York. Eldorado signed with the European label Bad Reputation, that launched the album in Europe in May 2010.

I'm really surprised I haven't caught wind of this band until now. Having 3 albums under their belt and being around for almost half a decade, it seems odd that they haven't put themselves out there a little more. These guys are the reason I put effort into this blog, to have great music find me, instead of having to hunt it down myself.

Eldorado's new offering "Antigravity Machine" is full of high quality rock and roll, bits of everything that has been cool in music since the early 70's, and that's groove, thundering drums and soul, Eldorado is rock n' roll kids. Taking cues from the big boys in rock, "Zeppelin", "Purple", "Kiss" and "Sabbath" and adding a little bit of southern rock on a couple tracks makes Antigravity Machine a great listen, and will surely make my 2012 better for having discovered this band. If you like any kind of music at all, Eldorado has something for you. Don't take my word for it, check it.

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