Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Witches Drum - (2012) Future Kings of an Empty Throne

Only four tracks? Yeah, thats what I thought at first as well. However, the tracks on "Future Kings of an Empty Throne" encompass what I think The Witches Drum are all about in four tracks, that being raw, psychedelic, 70's inspired groove rock, anymore tracks at this point would be a vulgar display. If you can't wrap your head around this ep. Then you're reading the wrong blog.

From the first track "Watch the Freaks Lose It" we get a more tripped out version of Monster Magnet due to the singer, who simply goes by "Fry", channels Wyndorf in spades. The second track "Filthy Closets" is a soulful psycho-retro jem. Fishin' for Ships has a real Clutch vibe, if Clutch smoked more weed. The final track, and in my opinion the best track "Climb Aboard the Bus of Devotion" takes the aforementioned bands and puts em in a blender with The Doors and Colour Haze and really shines, great final track to a really impressive first effort, from a band that clearly has the goods for the genre, while there's nothing mind-blowing new, this is sure to turn some heads. Definitely a band to watch. 


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