Friday, January 31, 2014

Assblaster - (2013) Blastphemy Vol II: Veni Vidi Blast

The original idea with Assblaster was to get away from girls, get heavily intoxicated and feed cranked Marshalls with fuzztones from the blastiest guitars we could find. Assblaster has always been about five guys making as much heavy noise as possible. 'Blaster is not doing anything new or contributing to the scene with some crazy ass fusion of exotic music genres. This straight up Fuzz n' Roll. In yer phace.
Things quickly got out of hand as Assblaster eventually hit the stages around town. We did the first gig at this truck stop bar deep in the woods outside Uppsala, Sweden. We expected nothing and got everything. Naked women, naked men, broken bones and a five hour collective black out. But, we've seen pictures from the gig. We looked cool. The crowd got blasted that night. Assblaster has been playing sold out shows ever since. Gigs have been shut down due to the band being to loud, being to drunk & the crowd getting being butt naked. Headlining acts hate us and the crowd love us.

With a name like Uppsala/Stockholm's Assblaster, you pretty much know straight away what you're in for with their second release, Veni Vidi Blast. No, not a ruthless prostate exam. Heavy rock loaded just as much with a tongue in cheek sense of humor as explosive southern fuzz metal. To me however, there's also a sense of realness and honesty that gets my motor runnin'. They have the album up now at Bandcamp with a "pay what you want" price tag. Check em out, they just might be your new favorite band.  
 -Adam Walsh

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