Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wounded Giant - (2013) Lightning Medicine

What first drew me into this band was the album art, taking me back to the days when I'd visit the local record stores looking for something new and exiting. Often basing my purchase solely on the what was on the cover of the album, rather than the music it contained. More often than not I would be disappointed with my purchase, but every once in awhile it payed off. The debut album by Seattle's Wounded Giant would have been one of those rare finds. Boasting an album cover that looks more like a bad 80's horror movie than a beer soaked, doom-riff bonanza, Lightning Medicine fires on all cylinders.

Most of Lightning Medicine is full of powerhouse drumming, mostly clean vocals and chugging Sabbath inspired riffs, which to most people isn't anything new, but there seems to be something unique about this 3-piece, maybe its the creepy keyboard breakdowns. The shading of the songs. The dark and light. Whatever it may be, I don't think these guys are out to change the world. They just want to knock the listener in the noggin a bit. Keep shit real, have fun and play music. And it shows.

The production of the album is about as lo-fi as you can get. However, I think it totally works with this band and really gives Lightning Medicine that old school vibe. Available on vinyl, compact disc and digital download via Bandcamp. Take your medicine... It's good for you.

-Adam Walsh

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