Saturday, August 29, 2015

Grasshole - (2015) The Unification Proclamation

Grasshole, a two-piece band out of Melbourne, Australia are about to release their second EP. Entitled "The Unification Proclamation". Featuring a dusting of grungy riff's and off kilter time signatures is sure to appeal to many music addicts.

It seems to me there's a certain trend in music lately where, either out of not being able to find the right musicians who are on the same page as everyone else, or maybe just pure laziness, bands are getting smaller and smaller. The two-piece thing seems to be more prevalent in rock & roll now, more than ever. So what makes Grasshole so special, you ask? Well sure they are a two-piece, but they are a father and son duo, which to me is super cool and unique. After hearing the new ep it makes perfect sense. You get that old-school vibe permeating in the background mixed with the new school sound in the foreground. They really don't sound like any other band, but have that familiarity like they've been around forever. During the seven tracks on the ep, there's enough twists and turns to keep the listener interested. The only thing I would say is that it never really lets go, and gets in your face.  Maybe that's the metal in me showing through, I'm not sure. The closest track on the album that gets there for me is the closing track "Earwig".

I was lucky enough to get a physical copy of the new ep, and was quite surprised to see that it was an actual pressed "silver" cd, not some cheap cd-r. I also noted the spectacular album art done by Melbourne Tattoo Legend Annita Maslov. A nice little package, and well worth your hard earned coin. Available here on their Bandcamp page. All in all, a cool little ep that shows a father and sons love for music. And that can't be a bad thing.  -AW

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