Sunday, November 20, 2016

LöneFree - (2016) Made In Wax

LöneFree is a hard rock, retro rock, stoner rock, classic rock band. Whichever descriptive term you'd like to attach before the most obvious one, which is ROCK, go right ahead. The most important word here is rock, and rock they do.

With a demo released in 2013, this quintet from Melbourne, Australia released their debut full length album last month. They call it "Made In Wax". It Consists of seven rather short, but full on, groove oriented, riff based rock tunes. Delving back in time to the 70's a bit, reaching out to the 80's, and keeping a stiff leg in the here-and-now. 

Denver Nixon's vocal incantations, (at least to these ears) come across a bit like Jim Morrison in a tug-of-war with Billy Idol, and it works. As I mentioned earlier the tracks are all under the four minute mark, except one, "Supernatural Beast" which clocks in just under six minutes, and if I had to choose a favorite, that would be it. However, all the tracks have merit and there isn't a stinker anywhere to be found on the record.

One thing that is abundantly clear, the guys in LöneFree know what they're doing, know who they are, and have spent time wood-shedding. Creating songs that will leave an impression on the listener. Making an album that will stand the test of time, and warrant multiple listens. At this time, as far as I know, it's only available digitally on Bandcamp. For an album with a title like "Made In Wax" it probably should get the vinyl treatment, and maybe it will at some point. In the meantime, put an ear on it for yourself, as there's something here for every fan of rock music. -AD))AM

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