Monday, November 28, 2016

Slingshot - (2016) A Variation in Shape

Every band wants to progress musically with every release, and they always think they have. Boasting, "this is the best album we've ever done", or something similar. In my experience with sophomore albums, there is more often than not, the dreaded sophomore slump, as they call it. 

Enter in the Viennese band Slingshot. They have released their new album "A Variation in Shape", their second album. Coming in after their debut release "A Period of Reflection" released back in 2013, and reviewed here, by yours truly. I for one think they have progressed even further as a band with "A Variation in Shape" building on the structure they resurrected with the debut, and stretched their wings even further as a band.

Slingshot really don't fit into any one genre, but boast elements from all of them. Progressive time signatures, the moodiness of psychedelic rock, the angst of grunge and the smoked out haze of the current stoner rock scene. All the while digging back into underground 70's rock. It's fuzzy it's bluesy, it's pissed off at times and laid back at others, but always laying down the groove and conveying emotion. Making the listener feel something is what every artist strives to do, and Slingshot does. With well crafted songs, catchy melodies and harmonious vocal excursions. 

These guys have that certain something that puts them over the top of most bands that I've heard lately. Unique to the point that I can immediately distinguish their sound from any other band, and that's saying something these days.

"A Variation in Shape" is available on Bandcamp, as a name your price download or digipack compact disc. Below is their first single from the album, and stellar promo video for Bloodsucker.  -A))dam

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