Friday, January 20, 2012

At Devil Dirt - (2011) At Devil Dirt

Let me start this review by saying WOW!!! From the first time I heard a brief sample from this new band from Chile, on their myspace page, I couldn’t believe my ears. I was blown away by this two-piece. Yes you read it right, TWO-PIECE!! One guitar and one drummer! And both of them sharing the vocal duties, some sung in Spanish and some in English, all of it very harmonious and just plain awesome.

With guitars tuned down to bowel-shaking depths, and enough fuzz to choke a grizzly, At Devil Dirt create a huge wall of sound that can best be described as Kyuss hits the Floor carrying a Torche. There is not one piece of filler on this album, with most of the tracks clocking in at less than three minutes in length, it appeals to most peoples’ attention span these days, and leaves the listener craving more.

I make it my mission here to scout out the coolest music around the world, and I’ll be damned if this isn’t chock-full of some of the best things I like, all wrapped up in a pretty little bow. The buzz around camp is this is the album of year, and I’m not one to argue. Check it out for yourself and let your conscience be your guide.

~Adam Walsh

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