Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Forest Mighty Black - (2017) Chemical/Physical

As I sit here on this cold, grey and dismal day here in the greater Midwest, I'm going through emails and trying to pick an album to provide the soundtrack for my activities. As I gaze through them I see one from "A Forest Mighty Black".  Problem solved. The band is from Italy so it already seems more interesting. 

Hitting play... right away I hear that this is a grunge-stoner band. It seems within the "Stoner Rock" genre, there's typically three sub-genres, "psychedelic-stoner", "doom-stoner", or "grunge-stoner". Some bands combine different elements of one or more of these sub-genres... but usually adhere mainly to one or the other.

The first three tracks most definitely fall into the grunge territory and sound like "Bleach" era Nirvana, albeit if Cobain was a more studied guitarist. There's some interesting slide work and even a guitar solo or two within. Then the album shifts gears a little bit, with the seven plus minute "A Complicated Story" and really pulls the listener in with its psyched-out lulls, droned vocals and trance induced drumming. The most experimental track on the album and my personal favorite. After that it's back into grunge mode again, this time with an Alice in Chains ambiance on "Kathmandu".

 In short, if you like your rock dirty, stoned and to the point, "A Forest Mighty Black" have created an album well worth your time. Boasting a fantastic production, interesting riffs and good vocals. "Chemical/Physical" is quality rock n' roll. Check it out below. 


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