Thursday, March 27, 2014

Deaf Proof - (2014) Death Sounds Angry... and Hungry for More

The Band was formed in late 2006 by Pedro (d), Holger (b) and Fredo (v/g), later reinforced by Til (g). From that point of time they started jamming and working out their ideas. In autumn 2007 the band split up with guitar-player Til who was replaced by Phil. In early 2008 the band decided to substitute Holger and to search for a new bassplayer. But nevertheless Deaf Proof recorded their first demo that was released in April 2008. The bass on the demo was played by Phil. Deaf Proof found the new four stringer Angus in june 2008. In december the band unfortunately had to search for a new bassplayer again and in march 2009 JP joined the gang. Together they recorded a 2-track live-demo in july. The combo recorded the "Beyond the Orange Door Demo" from autumn 2009 till winter 2012 and released it in april 2013. In april Phil also left band, but Deaf Proof continue as three-piece.
Ever since I first heard the first demo from this German stoner-psyche band back in 2011, and then with last years "Beyond the Orange Door" demo I've kept their name "Deaf Proof" in the back of my head. Hoping to hear something new from this 3-piece outfit. Well the wait was over a few weeks ago when I was sent this new offering.

Three tracks, clocking in at almost 35 minutes, and in those 35 minutes there's enough fuzz and gristle to choke a mountain lion. Along with a bombastic assault of Kyuss flavored desert rock, and heavy doom blues riffs. With just the right amount of chill factor to keep things moving from stem to proverbial stern.

Kick back, load the riff pipe and enjoy this musical endeavor. Deaf Proof have uploaded the whole thing with a "name your price" offering on their Bandcamp page. With the promise of a compact disc (digipack)in the coming weeks.

-Adam Walsh-

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