Monday, March 26, 2012

Samurai - (2011) Todo el Odio del Unicornio

First I'd like to say thanks to Samurai for sending me a copy of their album "Todo el Odio del Unicornio" all the way from Argentina. Second I'd like to say that I loved it. But the truth be told, after listening to it a couple times. It really didn't do much for me, sure it's got all the elements that usually make up a good album. Heavy dropped-tuned and fuzzed-out doomy guitars mixed with psychedelic interludes. But there's something that distracts me from the overall "Samurai" experience.

Being sung all in Spanish is OK. I can get past that, but the vocals almost seem shouted and just unnecessary, Really distracting from whats going on, or could be going on musically. Not so say the album doesn't have a few good moments. The two instrumental tracks, "Cassablanca" and the title track "Todo el Odio del Unicornio" are worthy additions to anyone's playlist.


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