Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Black Widow's Project - (2012) Heavy Heart

The Black Widow's Project is a rock band made up of three musicians, coming straight out of the rock n' roll limbo. Their music is a wise blend of blues, vibrations of 70's and stoner rock in a magma of inventiveness without limitation, burning in an unleashed violent passion. 

Poetry, women, love, madness and spirituality are all great muses from what they do not hesitate to draw energy and boundless imagination. Playing hard and heavy is a state of mind in itself, a kind of revolt that allows sound to break the chains of monotony and fight against awaken sleep which society strives to put us all in. 

Formed in 2010 by the lead singer-guitarist Al Castro and the drummer Math Sink, they quickly realize their first EP called "Benefit Of The Doubt" which arouse great interest among the audience and in underground venues. After several lineup changes, Raph Despas joined the band as the bass player which allows them to find an even more powerful and personal sound. -bio-

Fantastic sophomore release by a band that's hard to pigeonhole. Plenty of riffs and tons of punk attitude culminate the sounds heard on "Heavy Heart". The band, from Geneva, Switzerland has a real treat for rock music enthusiasts here. From the more radio-friendly aspects, like Queens of the Stone Age to dirty bluesy, fuzz drenched psycho-delic awesomeness that seems to get better each time I listen. This is one of those albums that needs to be heard, and heard often.   -Adam-

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