Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MONSTRE - (2014) Monstre

A monster is an individual or a creature among which the appearance, even the behavior, is a surprise by its distance with the standards of a society.

The monster is in a more general way an individual who by some of his appropriate characteristics distances himself in a significant way from his congeners. These characteristics can be physical, moral or intellectual; however the monstrousness itself is not necessarily negative, she can be an earnings with regard to a common standard.

The French band Monstre has released their first album. At first I didnt know what to make of this. Was this serious?, was it a joke?, was it good?. Upon further listens, I realized not only is it good, but it's pretty unique and fantastic.

Combining just about every genre you can think of into one Molotov cocktail. It's heavy at times, punk at others. Reminding me alot of the first time I heard Faith No More, Helmet, System of a Down, and Melvins. Not that Monstre sound like those bands but I can definitely hear some of those influences in there. They take those roots and combine it with the stoner rock fuzzyness.

I'm truly amazed about all the good music out there. That I get to hear on a daily basis. This is one of those interesting albums that crawled up my spine and messed with my head a bit. 

-Adam Walsh

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