Friday, January 31, 2014

Supershooters - (2013) Black Realm

Supershooters are a rock band based in Athens, Greece. Its members are John Nasoufis (Vocals, Guitar), Nick Garantzias (Lead guitar), Bill Papavasileiou (Bass) and Jim Dermatas (Drums). The band was founded in 2010 and played its first show in the summer of the same year. During the last months of 2010 the band recorded three songs for its first demo at Studio D in Athens. The demo was entitled ‘Down by the road’ and came out in May 2011 in 100 copies.

Meanwhile, the band appeared at many festivals and rock stages of Athens, such as An Club, 7 Sins, Bat City, Camelot Club and Lazy Club performing as an opening act for the Greek band 4bitten. They have also performed at Karathona Open Air Festival in Nauplio. In late 2012 the band began recordings for their debut album at Hangar Studios. The album entitled ‘Black Realm’ was released in October 2013 through FM Records.

I always seem to be impressed by music coming out of Greece, so many great bands hail from there, and I can't recall even one of them that I don't like. Supershooters is no exception, and their debut album entitled "Black Realm" has all the qualities I rely on for filling my head and my room with sound. Sitting comfortably in a stoner haze between Nirvana, Fu Manchu and even a bit of Suicidal Tendencies on the track "Lawful Rebel" is where this band resides. These guys know dynamics, when to pick up the pace, and when to back down a bit and give the listener time to breathe. Creating something special in the genre, and an album that shouldn't be overlooked.

-Adam Walsh

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