Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WIS(H)KEY - (2013) Manifesto of New Standards

WIS(H)KEY was born as an idea in 2011, after spending more than 10 years on the road sharing the stage with the most varied musical groups, both domestic and international. The members, being huge fans of styles that do not monopolize the lists of the most successful in the metal panorama as the blues or rock'n'roll bands like CLUTCH, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY & DOWN. They decided to undertake this project just for fun. Thus, by mid-2011 had 13 songs that began recording in their studio in Barcelona ARTEGRAMA STUDIO. They began the recording sessions for what will be an overwhelming first album to be released on November 2011. After that, they decided to test the project, and initiate a publicity campaign for social networks, obtaining a very rewarding result, joining nearly 1000 fans in different social spots they’ve opened. Without further claim that play and play what they like, WIS(H)KEY has passed from being just an idea, to become more than a real thing, more than powerful and more than a simple band. 

Spain's Wis(H)key aren't just another band with a clever name. They are without question a group a talented musicians dead-set on taking the world by storm with their brand of southern groove metal. No, its not gonna blow your mind, but its damn refreshing to hear some good metal these days. Whis(h)key take their roots and hold on tight. Bands like Vision of Disorder, Exodus, Testament and all that bay area thrash stuff from the 80's is present underneath a more modern groove metal and southern metal collision course with Pantera and Machine Head. 

Manifesto of New Standards is full of double bass drum kicks and face melting guitar licks that would make Dimebag smile with black-tooth grin. There are a few lighter moments on the album "Alone (Unreal Loop)" and "Life Grows Wild" (which has an almost Alice in Chains vibe to it)that show the band is diverse and skilled enough to do more than just beat the listener over the head for nearly 50 minutes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 

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