Saturday, March 25, 2017

Green Monster - (2017) Down Witch Down

It's not everyday you come across new music coming from Singapore, let alone a rock 'n roll act. Here's where the band Green Monster enter the building. Releasing an EP back in 2012, it's been five years since we've seen hide nor hair from the Singaporeans. 2017 marks the year of their first full length album. 

"Down Witch Down" is the title and it's a testament to all things rock. The album borrows from the past, keeps a foot in the present and even shows glimpses of the future during its seven tracks.

With not even one beard between the quartet and no tattoos to be seen, they don't look like your typical stoner band. However, you wouldn't know it by listening to the tunes on the album. It goes to show you don't need beards, tats and walls of Orange amps to make good music.

Incorporating plenty of groovy 70's psychedelic rock, with the newer tone of the stoner rock scene is obvious, but there's more here than that. There are also touches of reggae and funk hiding in there too. To me these little differences, (probably forced in from the culture emanating from the band) is what makes "Down Witch Down" an enjoyable listen and a band that seems confident enough in themselves musically to write interesting songs.

Available digitally from Bandcamp. Check em out on Facebook. Watch their new video below for the first track on the album "Witch". 

-Adam Walsh

Monday, March 6, 2017

Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree - (2017) Medicine

When first hearing about this new band from Stuttgart, Germany... I saw the name first, and thought to myself... Bees Made Honey in the what?. Right away with a moniker like that, it begs you to take notice. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. 

Being the band's first album and as far as I know, the only recording thus far, it was given the title "Medicine", and this is just what the doctor ordered.

The quartet really capture a mood here. So much so, that it really takes the listener on a trip. Full of dreamy psychedelic mellowness, akin to Pink Floyd at their most chill. The desert rock noodling of bands like Colour Haze. Acoustic passages along with crushing moments of heaviness, that ebb and flow like you're being tossed around on a vessel at sea, during a mammoth thunderstorm.

There are only five tracks on the album so it seems like an EP at first glance, but you get nearly 45 minutes of space time with Medicine. Personally, I think it should have been released as one track. It's one of those types of albums... one you need to sit down to fully absorb from start to finish. To listen without any interruptions or distractions. This medicine should not be taken in small doses, this medicine should be taken all at once. An album that you won't forget the next day... and most likely one of the better albums this year.

-Adam Walsh

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2016 Blow-Out Special

Well, we're a month deep into 2017, so before I start with this years albums of awesomeness, I wanted to make one last post of some of the releases I wanted to review, but never found the time last year. So without further ado, here we go...

The Lunar Effect - Strange Lands

Released in the month of May, The Lunar Effect's take on lo-fi bluesy, stoner fuzz is nothing short of a riffest started in the 70's and ending in a psychedelic haze of bong hits and moon-pies.

Chinaski - Mandrágora

Chinaski have been on my radar since their first release in 2011. The formula is the same for Mandrágora, a pummeling wall of down-tuned, sludge-induced sonic badassery. Vocals are in Spanish, but there is so much greatness going on, it doesn't distract any for us English speaking morons. Now set at name your price, get on it.

Ride to Ruin - Eyes are Black

Columbus, Ohio's Ride to Ruin released their first full length album, also in May of last year. Full of fast paced, short in stature riff burners. Punk fueled anthems full of wah pedal and adrenaline.

Cojones - Resonate

Cojones have been around for nearly a decade now, and have released some great albums in that time. The new album "Resonate" is no exception, this time the band is finding themselves a little less stoned and more melodic. Resonate's biggest plus is the fabulous production, sounding huge and firing synapses in all the correct time signatures.

Cult of the Scum - Cult of the Scum

So many great releases coming from Greece in the last couple months, it's hard to keep track of them all. One that stands tall among the crowd is Cult of the Scum. Featuring members from Astray and Shock Absorber. The easiest and laziest way to describe their sound would be to reference Corrosion of Conformity, so that's what I'll do. Great stuff.

Aural Hex - Essentia 

Aural Hex is a band that really caught my attention with their massive and thundering take on progressive metal. Throwing in plenty of doom and gloom, with psychedelic lulls and droning vocals. The Fin's album may look like an EP at first glance, with there being only 4 tracks. Each track breaking the 10 minute mark gives the listener plenty of bang for their buck. It's easy to get lost in this one.

Elepharmers - Erebus

“Erebus” is the new LP album. 6 heavy stoner songs, showing a big growth since their first release "Weird Tales from the Third Planet". There are more instrumental moments, with also acoustic guitars, synth and Hammond arrangements. Available from Go Down Records.

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