Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wolves In Haze - (2016) Wolfpack

"Wolves In Haze" is a side project by a veritable who's who in the Swedish underground music scene. The group is comprised of basically two other Swedish bands. Victor Crusner on bass, Kalle Lilja on drums, both from "Långfinger". Manne Olander the vocalist and Olle Griphammar on guitar, both of them reside in "The Deadheads". The guys came together with the idea of making heavy music, with influences from both the metal and rock scene.

The Wolves have accomplished just that, taking cues from Black Sabbath and other not so familiar early 70's proto metal, combing that with the groovy hard rock that the Swedish underground is well known for. Sweden being a relatively small country seems to produce so many stellar acts, there must be a band on ever street corner there churning out great hard rock.

Coming in at the end of an amazing year of music releases, I'm hoping this fantastic slab of music doesn't go by unnoticed. So far it's only available digitally via Bandcamp, with a fairly high price tag for a digital album. This may dissuade some listeners from jumping on board as well. Bands should realize that having a modest price set for their albums will only put more ears on what they're peddling, resulting in increased sales. It's the age old adage of supply and demand. I am told "the physical release is set to be in early 2017 on Beduin; a super limited hazy wazy vinyl edition." -AD))AM

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Death Swingers - (2016) Swing with Death

Poland's "Death Swingers" are another new band that just released their debut album. What we have this time is face melting riffs, combined with offsets of just about every other sub-genre in metal and rock. Southern metal, groove metal, nu-metal, hard core, thrash, stoner rock and doom (among others).

Taking all these elements and doing a mishmash, depending on where you are on any given track. Sometimes combing all of those into the same track. I'm a sucker for variety in my music, and this delivers in that regard in spades. Showing that the band isn't just some one trick pony.

"Swing With Death's" booming production is another highlight of the album, I'm always somewhat amazed at how these virtually unknown bands come out of the gate with professional quality recordings. The days of needing big studios and fancy labels are truly dead.

The band cites influences from everyone from Deftones and Audioslave to High on Fire and Crowbar... That's all you really need to know. These guys mean business, and they're willing to beat you over the head to prove it. This is metal in 2016 kids. Check it!    


Liquid Maze - (2016) Colours of Euphoria

Stumbling upon new bands, and hearing new albums has taken on a whole new level since my obsession with Bandcamp. For a few years now, every day I'm finding another band, or an album that speaks to me on some scale. I don't have the time or energy to write about all of them, but the ones that really deserve to be heard, or really need some love, I will do my best to get something out there. Even if it's just to remind me years from now what I've listened to.

Austria's best kept secret is this new band calling themselves Liquid Maze. They released a debut album a few months ago, and was brought to my attention by one of my fellow music lovers, in a group of people that I've recently been keeping time with on the world wide web. 

The album has been given the name "Colours of Euphoria". The colors of the pallet they use are varied, familiar at times and distinct in their presentation.

The band manages to successfully combine the progressive leanings of Tool with the dirt of Nirvana, enhanced with just enough psychedelic sparkle to really set the mood. They have a sound that is just as easily accessible by die-hard music lovers, as with the people that just listen to the radio. Incredibly well written songs that carry feeling and groove. Obviously fantastic musicians that know what they're doing, and where they're going. The fact that this is their debut, has me completely intrigued by what the band will do next. 

Check them out below, go to their Facebook and give them a like. I'm willing to bet you'll appreciate what you hear just as much as I do. -AD)))AM

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