Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deepspacepilots - (2012) Deepspacepilots

Chicago's Deepspacepilots are back with another fine release, we haven't heard from these space cadets in well over 5 years, not since their first demo/ep. I figured they had disbanded. To my surprise and pleasure that is not the case, in fact I'd say they've taken those last few years to really fine tune their sound. The new self-titled album is not only full of the same cool vibes that the ep had, but it takes their trademark, doom-filled, space-metal to another level in just about every way.

To me, it really just doesn't get much better than this, its got the stoner/doom chuggalugga of the opening track "Holy Mountain", then segues into a more melancholic, but still punchy, almost grungy "Everlasting". The trippy and psychedelic meanderings of  "Black Emanuelle's" intro section, stomping into a very Kyuss like groove on the second half of the song. "Spiderman" an instrumental track, sounds like it could be the soundtrack to watching a spider crawl around in the desert, bobbing and weaving, shriveling up and dying from the heat. Now we are about midway through and we set the phasers for stun with "Light of the Sun" this song, I think, encompasses what Deepspacepilots is all about, it has it all, heavy riffs, a cool catchy chorus, spaced-out ethereal instumental break-downs, all played with tons of feeling. The album plays like an old vinyl album, with a Side A and a Side B, being mostly instrumental, with the exception of "Bowels of the Beast" which is a slow and low doom encrusted monster. And the albums epic closing track "Black Hole" is a perfect closing song, that takes the listener in a vessel heading to Mars. Haunting in its delivery, and damn near perfect space rock bliss.

I'm really liking the raw and gritty production on it too, and this is where it takes off from their first ep. The drums sound very unique in the way they were mic'ed, I've never heard drums recorded like this before, I'm not sure how they did it, but i like it!, the bass sound is thick and plodding, tough as a shithouse rat. The vocals go from droning, almost painful sounding, to an over-processed echo-drenched, singing through a  megaphone effect, again I've never heard vocals done like this before either.

They like everyone else is delivering their album through Bandcamp, and cdbaby, as far as i know its only a digital release, but should have the vinyl treatment done. There is something really unique and special about this band, and they deserve to have some attention. Give em a listen, and head straight through the heart of the sun.

~Adam Walsh

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