Friday, February 10, 2012

Franckie IV Fingers - (2011) Shut Up & Drive

There seems to be a huge stoner rock scene in France, I'm constantly getting my ear hooked on great bands coming out of that part of the world, Frankie IV Fingers is another one of those bands that have graced my music collection recently.

Named after the hilarious Benicio del Torro character from Snatch, Frankie IV Fingers deliver massive hooks and plenty of groove throughout the 10 tracks on their debut album Shut Up & Drive. Taking cues from staples in the scene like Clutch, and Fu Manchu. Giving you that stoner vibe with a french twist. Plenty of cowbell and vocal harmonies, plus giving the metal-head listener a reason to throw their fists in the air. A sound that can best be described as Clutch meets Mustasch.

The band has their music available through Bandcamp, and you can pick up a physical copy of the CD from Ozium Records. Whatever your preference is, Frankie's got you covered. Recommended!

~Adam Walsh

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