Friday, March 16, 2012

Buried Sleeper - (2012) Colosseum

Buried Sleeper is a new band from Glasgow, Scotland and they have released their debut album entitled "Colosseum", its a culmination of gut busting doom metal, a bit of psychedelia thrown in for good measure, some sludgy moments and even a bit of grunge here and there just to keep things as dirty as possible.

The overtones of "Colosseum" seem to reflect on Egyptian mythology and folklore, and even the album cover gives you a hint of this, with the pyramid and the Eye of Ra type symbolism it bestows. Buried Sleeper have a knack for writing intricate song structures that really pull the listener in, and keep them there. Most of the time with  this genre the vocals are often overshadowed by the music, not this time. I really enjoy Bryce Sutherland's voice on this album, clean, almost droney sounding and kind-of hypnotizing. Fitting the music very well. The 14 plus minutes of "Pale Blue Dot" really shines in this regard, it really grabbed me and kept hold of me the whole time, definitely the high-point of the album for this guy. Everything on Colosseum is worth some attention, if you dig heavy doom metal with mysterious overtones, this ones for you. You can order a copy of the album either in digital form or 4-panel digipack right from their Bandcamp page.


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