Sunday, March 4, 2012

Plöw - (2011) Bicentennial Picnic

Plöw are a band residing in Aarhus, Denmark and play a gut busting mix of low slung doom metal and stoner groove with a pissed off sludgy attitude. I got turned on to them after finding their 2 ep's on Bandcamp

Their newest ep called "Bicentennial Picnic" is heavy as hell about 90% of the time, but does change directions from time to time giving the arrangements a touch of psychedelia. Which to me is what makes this band interesting, good music to me isn't always about beating the listener into submission, although that can be fun too. The vocals range from clean sounding, to an agonized grungy sound to all out death metal growl. Showing Plöw have some diversity and skills that won't limit them to just one genre. Definitely worth checking out.

~Adam W

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