Friday, March 16, 2012

Skrogg - (2011) Raw Heat

Skrogg are a band I received a CD from awhile ago, and never got around to hearing until now, after going through my emails and searching for the disc, I have to say I should of paid more attention to this band. Their debut EP "Raw Heat" is just that. Raw and doomy 70's style in-your-face metal, with riffs-o-plenty.

A band outta New Hampshire, which is also the birthplace of Scissorfight, (another long time fave band of mine) Skrogg boasts that same red-neck angry rock vibe, and are the self-proclaimed "Big, Dumb and Smashy Power Trio".

Their debut EP lives up to it's name with big drums, upfront basslines, low-tuned fuzzed out guitar and aggressive bluesy vocals. It's grimy stoner rock that's all their own.


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