Friday, March 30, 2012

Thunderfist - (2012) Thunderfist

(ECG Records is really just us, El Chango Grande is what it stands for on account of Jeremy Looks like a big monkey when we perform.)

"Thunderfist" (self-titled) was recorded over the winter of 2011 in the studio of band guitar player Micheal "J" Sasich. Thunderfist has worked with Jack Endino on the past two albums ("Loud, Fast Rock and Roll", and "Too Fat for Love") but scheduling conflicts got in the way of a third rock and roll collaboration. Jack is considered our rock mentor and taught Sasich many, many tricks to use to get the rock done right. And we miss seeing his smiling face behind the board, but Sasich has delivered the goods on this one. Big time. The album was recorded in Salt Lake City, Utah as you all know this is the home of backwoods religious fanatics and bad reality shows. No one in Thunderfist is married to a sister wife or wears white pajamas under our clothes. All of our undergarments are torn and dirty from too many nights of Rock and Roll in pretty much every shitty dive bar in North America (and one in Mexico, thank you Sammy Hagar, haha) Anyway, re are proud worshipers of vintage Marshall amps and Les Paul guitars... and Krom... and beer. To get the sound right, we had to record this album twice (no lie) and hustle our fat asses to get it on the shelves. It is a proud collection of songs about how we don't like Eskimo pussies being cold ("Eskimo Pussy is Mighty Cold") relationship songs ("None of Your Business") and the most epic of all Thunderfist songs, the mighty "Wizard's Lament". On the wizard song there is a Horn of Condor and a Monty Python reference in the SAME fucking song! Wild! Here is a bit about us...

Most of Thunderfist hails from Utah's west desert. We grew up riding motorcycles, fixing cars, and being harassed by rednecks (and some would say became rednecks) as we were the only connection for LSD in town. Hicks on drugs became the center point for a lot of Thunderfist parties throughout the years. We started aband because of our love of all things Rock and / or Roll and to keep ourselves interesting to the ladies, and here we are 14 years later, still getting it done. The song "cut and Run" sums it up. I don't think our bass player "mMetal" Mick Mayo has seen the same vagina twice in his lif... So, anyway, you have some info about us. We put on one hell of a show, and we don;t stop until every last head has been rocked off. If you want to see some pictures of us doing fucked up shit, check out the following.


CD available @ CD Baby and itunes

~Press Release

I had to post the press release as I really enjoyed reading it. Thunderfist is just a great rock album, from a seasoned band of some 14 years, that walks the walk and talks the talk. That doesn't give a rats ass about what is trendy at the moment. Has a whiskey barrel of riffs for the stoner crowd, old-school AC/DC swagger, for a night of binge drinking. And songs that don't take themselves too seriously, for people that like a little humor with their rock. Because let's face it folks, Rock and Roll should never be taken too seriously. Thunderfist deliver.


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