Monday, April 9, 2012

Hugonaut - (2012) Hello Destroyed

Hugonaut are a band from Halifax, Canada and they play progressive stoned-out fuzz metal. With vocals that have a kind-of Maynard Keenan meets Sebastian Bach vibe, with an overdubbed harmony effect that creates a cool ambiance, and puts their debut album "Hello Destroyed" over the top of alot of stuff coming out recently in the genre.

Taking the 70's and 80's and mashing it up with some new riff ideas and sonic interpretations of down-tuned blues riffs create the backbone of Hugonaut. Yeah I said riffs, there's tons of em on "Hello Destroyed", some tasty dueling guitar harmony lines as well. Just some ass kicking rock n' roll to set your summer on fire. A perfect title for this debut, "Hello" here we are... get "Destroyed". Mission accomplished.


1 comment:

  1. love love love! a pure distillation of the pit. where'd you get the 7 lovely lady face shape??


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