Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mississippi Bones - (2012) Tracks

Oh shit, here we go... Mississippi Bones is back and taking names. The bands sophomore effort, ironically titled "Tracks" is indeed 10 tracks of soulful, bluesy redneck metal that this redneck finds as comforting as a shot of Jack and sip of grandpa's cough medicine.

Having heard the bands self-titled debut release a couple years back, and being floored by what I heard, when I stumbled upon the bands new release on Bandcamp, I knew 2012 was gonna be that much better. What I didn't know was that the band consists of only 2 core members. Dusty Donley, who does the guitars/programming and Jared Collins who handles the vocals/bass and programing. I'm guessing the /programming means a drum machine??, I ask this because this sounds like a full band and the drums DO NOT sound like a drum machine.

Jared Collins voice is just cool, it's got that Elvis after a couple peanut butter and banana sandwiches vibe to it. Reminds me a bit of the front-man from Volbeat at times. Full of soul and just enough grit to be perfect for this kind-of Louisiana swamp (by way of Ohio) voodoo rock. Kjira Robinson's backup vocals on four of the tracks really make the interplay between the two shine, and adds even more soul to the groovy and fuzzy guitars. There's not one bad track on "Tracks". Another "band" that should be heard, and heard often.


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