Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snail - (2012) Terminus

Snail will release its long-awaited third lp, "Terminus" Tuesday. May 1st

The album will be available for free download via snailhq for one day in honor of May Day. Terminus will be available through snailhq as a CD, CD/T-shirt package, and a pay what you want download. In addition, the record will be available through All That Is Heavy, Totem Cat, iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon. Orders for CD's as CD, T-shirt packages will be taken May 1st and will ship out the following day, honoring the occupy General Strike on May 1st. 

Snail will be touring in support of Terminus in the Summer.

Snails new album, "Terminus," showcases all fresh material, infused with the enthusiasm of a newly minted collaboration. Influences that were not evident in the past works come to the fore, steeped in old-school metal and psychedelia. The subject matter is noticeably more mature, as the entire record delves into the themes of mortality and its implications in our modern world. From crushing doom to head-bobbing Camaro rock and hypnotic psych, "Terminus" is Snail's most varied work to date; but most importantly. IT ROCKS.

Snail formed in 1972 consisting of singer Mark Johnson (The Crucified, PASTE, Blessing the Hogs), bassist Matt Lynch and drummer Marty Dodson. The eponymous first album (Big Deal Records), was well received by critics and garnered much praise in the press, as well as gaining a loyal following from peers like long time supporters Fu Manchu and Nebula.

Snail reunited in 2008 after 15 years of slumber, added long-time friend and guitarist Eric Clausen, and unleashed "Blood" (Meteor City)---what many said was one of the Top Ten stoner/doom records of 2009. Not merely riff-rock, "Blood" combines fuzzy guitars and a pummeling rhythm section with layered, soaring melodies rarely heard in the genre. In a time of industry turmoil, the record went from blood-red to "in the black." The record even attracted the attention of underground music legend Henry Rollins, getting multiple plays on his "Fanatics" radio show on influential Los Angeles station KCRW.

Everything included in the press release above is spot on, having been keen on this band way back when the debut album was released, back before the internet and blogs. Then catching wind about the band reuniting I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought that I was the only dude that knew about them. So needless to say I was really psyched to hear some new stuff. After waiting for what seemed like forever "Blood" was released. Then I couldn't believe my ears, it was everything I had hoped for, and even more so. I am one of those that herald that album as one of the best, if not the best album of 2009.

So now, three years later we have another slab of killer psychedelic doom metal from Snail, building on the same sound they have been building on for 18 years and really blowing my mind with "Terminus", being lucky enough to not have to wait this time until its released and hearing it early is a real treat for me. There's really no need to say anymore, other than this is the gonna be the album to beat for 2012. Make sure you head over to their website on May 1st, and get ready to be knocked on your ass with some mind-enhancing rock.



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