Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sun Gods in Exile - (2012) Thanks for the Silver

There was once a moment in time, when people from all around, would travel to see a band play. In a concert, on a festival , where nature would occupy your senses, where people would congregate for days, where nothing else mattered but the music that was on display. Something so common back then, when times were easier.  Only the music mattered. When we were together in the open, under the blazing blue sky, in a hot sticky summer place, with the people gathered for some good hard rock, a world away is where we were, when our mind was only relating to the boogie that was being hammered down.  Where we had no worries, everyone around us, a sea of bodies, as one altogether intertwined, for the music from all these smokin’ bands.  And we drank the moonshine & danced away.  There were no rules, no limits, and no writings on this wall.  And as the bands played, we would climb down the hills and rush the stage.  And we never felt alone, never felt so good,  everyone was in this to the very end, and for days it would be like this, because it was known since I’ve been here I’ve been home.

These were the days that meant something, that gave music its life.  There were no broken bones, nothing to stop the people, the kids, the lifestyle.  They all had the legs to want and to deliver themselves into an atmosphere where they belonged.  And on those nights, while the bands continued to play, we had a smoke and fire, everyone there, but in mind & body nobody knows, how could they be aware?  And they would share everything they had, a stranger these places did not know.  And this is the time that I’d love to be at, in those places, where those bands forced you to drive that extra highway mile.  And maybe the people had to beg, to ask for a little hope, to borrow and when it was all done, we said thanks for the silver.  Those were the days.  One day, two days and even three, and the music just did not stop.  Those were the days.  In that time, a place that my mind likes to visit sometimes.  I know I’d bury my bitch’s car to get there.

This, the second release by Sun Gods in Exile is like a great southern rock journey.  Without a doubt, to these ears, this is the music that was made to be played for a large audience.  Maybe not as “heavy” as their first Small Stone release, it is certainly not any weaker.  They have expanded their sound, adding a bit more blues and boogie this time around.  Shit, one cannot go wrong with that.  I can easily suggest this album to anyone who likes their rock music with a southern twist, and really just anyone who enjoys a great rock record.  It has had many; many plays here, and I keep hearing new music within the music I have already heard.  Now you can’t beat that, can you?


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