Friday, April 13, 2012

Zodiac N Black - (2012) The Aftermyth

Aside from having a cool band name, Zodiac n Black have some serious heavy rock to deliver to the masses. Their debut album "The Aftermyth" is a real treat to the ears, combining meat and potato's guitar work with some really interesting melody lines.

It took a couple spins of this album to get  my head into it, its one of those albums that might slip by unnoticed, if you listen to it with distractions going on around you. Once I was in the right frame of mind, late at night, with some headphones on, was I able to fully appreciate what these guys were all about. The boys from Islington, England have made a really accessible album here, that would be a welcome change for any "mainstream" radio station. Just as good, if not better than all the stuff the powers that be seem to cram down the average listeners ears, via the airwaves.

Right off the bat, the vocals have a real Dave Wyndorf sound to them. Mixing that Monster Magnet vibe with some grungy mid to late nineties Soundgarden grooves. Setting the tone for most of the album. Although there's a few breaks here and there for a short ballad "Who's the Fool (part one)" which segues into the rockin' "Bad Pills". The real highlight of the CD comes as the last track, "Lights on Blues" with its odd-timing, killer Zeppelin-esque riff, cool time changes and soulful vocal delivery. The album boasts a terrific production as well, for a first release "The Aftermyth" has everything a die-hard rock enthusiast could ask for.

The band is selling numerous different bundles with t-shirts and stuff via their Bandcamp page, The album comes on either compact disc, or a limited edition heavy double vinyl. Make sure you check this stuff out, and always support independent music, so bands like this can keep filling our heads with good tunes.


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