Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shock Absorber - (2012) Shockwave

"Bebis" - Vocals 
George "Joe" Matikas - Guitarz 
Kostas "Ringo" Tsagaris - Guitarz 
Anthony Kanaras - drumz 
Tasos "Taz" Tsiropoulos - Bass

Shock Absorber were formed by George M.(guitars,ex-W.A.N.T.E.D., ex- LAST ROUND) and Gus (guitars, ex-SICKS DAZE) at February 2006 . Gus and George started working on some songs of their own when Antonis Kanaras (drums,ex- LAST ROUND) join the band in July 2006, and right after a month the line up was completed with the addition of Tasos (bass) and Bebis (voice, BULLDOZA, PANX POUTANA). Since they were all fans of bands like Black Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer, Entombed, Crowbar, Candlemass and stuff like that, the material that came out of the rehearsals was very aggressive and heavy. The band kept rehearsing until November 2006 when they recorded their promo. The promo was completed at the end of February 2007. After that the band started playing live in several stages in Thessaloniki. The promo CD was out at May 2 2007. After rehearsing for a year the band recorded a full length album but during the mixing process Bebis,Antonis and Tasos had to leave the band due to family issues and personal obligations.At that time and after several auditions three new members joined the band: Mike-Vocals(ex. Ice in Eyes,Cussbox),Kostas-Drums(Wanted),Alex Kidd-Bass(Payday,Beast o' View,Redrum).After changing the line up,the band played a few gigs while working on new material which is gonna be at the second album.The first one is about to come out soon so stay tuned.

These guys mean business, I hear all those influences mentioned above, and so much more. "Shockwave" the title given to the band from Thessaloniki, Greece's new album, and its a heavy music lover's wet dream.
Shock Absorber will appeal to fans of Black Label Society, Machine Head, Alice in Chains and Helmet (I even hear some old Testament in there). Great production, great songwriting, great lyrics, rippin guitar. What more could one ask for? Awesome stuff.


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