Saturday, June 9, 2012

At Devil Dirt - (2012) Chapter II: Vulgo Gratissi Auctor

Oh Hell Yeah! The two-piece purveyors of fuzz have just posted their new assualt on the senses. Entitled Chapter II: "Vulgo Gratissi Auctor" and it follows the same approach as their first album. Only this time they have dropped the Spanish completely and belt out all the tunes completely in English.

I was completely blown away when I caught wind of this band from Chile last year when they released their debut self-titled album, which I reviewed here. "Chapter II" takes all the stuff I loved about that first release, the droning vocal harmonies, and the thick molten syrup-like fuzz guitar tone, and adds even more fuzz (if that's possible) and harmonic textures to the wall of sound, that is At Devil Dirt.

Having listened to this almost nonstop since I acquired it a couple days ago, I can tell you this is some of the best stuff I've heard all year, and if you love the doom-fuzz as much as I do, you're in for a real treat here. A couple of the tracks even feature a bit of harmonica in the mix, giving the songs even more of a unique flavor. This is just a great great rock album. If you're into bands like Kyuss, Torche, Trouble and even old grunge stuff you're going to love this band, guaranteed!

"Chapter II" is available right now in the form of a digital download on Bandcamp. Where u can also pre-order physical copy's of the album on CD and Vinyl as well, shipping around the end of August. Whatever you do, don't pass this one up. Essential listening!


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