Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blue Gillespie - (2012) Seven Rages of Man

I first got turned on to this band after seeing their "Synesthesia" album on Bandcamp a couple years ago, and really enjoyed the band's off-kilter take on modern metal. Now the boys from Newport, UK have released their second full length, and seventh release over all.

With a powerful title like "Seven Rages of Man" it conjures images of some lame Death Metal band or something, but that is not the case here at all. Sure there's plenty of metal double bass drumming and crunchy metal guitars, but there's so much more. The tracks are laid out in Acts, I through VII with a prologue and an epilogue, like a book, I'm sure its not the first time this has been done on a record, and probably not the last, but it strikes me as unique and intriguing, nonetheless.

There is so much going on here with this album. I really don't know where to start, It's safe to say, there's no way to pigeonhole Blue Gillespie into any one genre. The guys cover it all, from modern metal; at times reminding me of Mudvayne, to prog-metal; like Tool, to old school metal such as Armored Saint and Iron Maiden all the while adding their unique "Gillespie" signature to it. "Seven Rages of Man" is meant to be listened to in its entirety and is truly one of those albums that will impress even the most meticulous of music fans. Full of tight drumming, white-knuckle riffs, melancholy passages, anger, hate, compassion and love. "Seven Rages of Man" touches on just about every emotion known to man. Highly recommended. Available to buy on Bandcamp in either digital download or compact disc.



  1. Seems like your ears had a shit load of Gillespie munchies, insightful review... Seven Rages of Man IS epic!

  2. "I'm sure its not the first time this has been done...but it strikes me as unique" Maybe you want to look 'unique' up again?

  3. I know what unique means... thanks for your comment, now go get a life.

  4. i love this band and this album in particular as soon as listened to it the first time i fell in love with it. Blue Gillespie is amazing and unique i would fly to the UK just to go to a gig if i had the money.


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