Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hangman's Chair - (2012) Hope///Dope///Rope

If you don't know this band from Paris yet, you should. They do the doom thing better than almost anyone. They just released their third LP "Hope///Dope///Rope" and it holds up to all my expectations and then some.

Hangman's Chair do the down-tuned stoner-doom thing or "stoom" as I call it. Plenty of comparisons could be generated towards this band sounding alot like Down, and sure the chugging and lumbering guitars do sound like that, but to me, Hangmen have what I don't hear from most of the Down catalog, and that is feeling. Hope///Dope///Rope has tons of it... I really get the sense that these guys are the real deal. Cedric Toufouti's vocals remind me a bit of Alice in Chains mixed with a Kirk Windstein ala Crowbar wretchedness  at times and really portray a sense of loss and hopelessness (and that's a good thing), over the brooding riffs which run the course of the album. If you're gonna be doom, then by all means be doom. Hangman's Chair is doom, and they know it. This album will be in my head for months to come. The lousy cd-r I received for this review isn't nearly cool enough. Gotta get my hands on one of the limited edition vinyl/CD packages before they are gone. Check their Facebook for details.


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