Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Socks - (2012) Bedrock

When a band decides to call themselves "The Socks", they are either a bunch of puffballs or a band that has enough balls to pull off a name like that. In this case, its the latter. The Socks are a band from Lyon, France and they have a megaton of bluesy, 70's inspired, fuzz on your face riffs in store for the listener on both of their EP's. 2011's, simply titled "Side A" and the newest release (which in my opinion should of been called "Side B"... but i digress) "Bedrock", once you get past the Flinstones reference you soon realize this band means business, and they have the goods to appeal to anyone whose into rock n' roll. Taking influences from bands like Led Zeppelin, KISS, Kyuss, Priest and Sabbath and grunge stuff from the 90's like Tad, Soundgarden and Gruntruck. The Socks mash it all up in a fuzzy... well... Sock and pull em clear up to their knees. Don't let this one get lost in the dryer. Git on it!


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