Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAHAT - (2012) Looking for a Ride

Mahat is a relatively new band from Stuttgart, Germany. These guys display a blend of hook driven hard rock that comes from the heart, and one can tell these guys love music and love what they do, with a clear vision of who they are and what the want to accomplish on their debut LP, "Looking for a Ride".

Songs that deal with anxiety, self-loathing and kicking ass, Mahat deliver. "Looking for a Ride" as been a real highlight for my stereo recently. I can't get enough of the old school mixed with the new school of rock and metal found within it's thirteen tracks. For some reason I hear a more gravely Rob Halford in Philippe Haag's vocals at times, in fact I'd say that Judas Priest is definitely an underlying source for inspiration for these guys. Whether they realize it or not. Mixed with all the modern sounds from the stoner genre we have around today. Pummerling bass lines, powerful drumming and hook-heavy riffs propel most of the album, and a hint of punk rock seems present, just under the surface. With flourishes of melancholy acoustic interludes ("Desert Night"), and the last untitled track really set the tone for the whole listening experience. "Looking for a Ride" is a real treat for anyone who like their rock hard, and their metal faithful. Check out Mahat's Bandcamp page for ordering info.


  1. Thanks Adam for this great review! We appreciate this a lot!!



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