Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lords of Bastard - (2012) Cuddles

Following the runaway success of Lords of Bastard’s self-titled debut album, subsequent excesses saw several members of the band succumb to the gout and rheumatism that have cut-short so many rock and roll careers. It was necessary then to recruit new apostles, men similarly dedicated to the search for the mysterious, mystical properties of ‘tone’, in order that the mission could begin anew… During this period of transformation, Lords have had the honour of playing to restless audiences who were really waiting for Karma To Burn, Baroness, Stinking Lizaveta and Fu Manchu.

And now, finally, a thousand face-palms and a blood-letting ceremony or two have given birth to nine tracks of truly haunting gibberish. The meaning, the message, that lies within such songs as ‘Eggs Any Style’ and ‘Fourth Dimensional Hand Gesture (John)’, can perhaps only truly be understood in the twisted heart of the listener. A quote from Francis Rossi best conveys the clawing fear and the tinge of hope at the centre of ‘Cuddles’, “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Lords of Bastard have returned with an advanced alloy of riffage and space-noises that will climb inside your ears and do unspeakable things… -press release-


Lords of Bastard's sophomore album, simply titled "Cuddles" is an amalgamation of stoner rock, post rock, and sludge with creepy keyboard passages thrown in. Sounding like the Melvins riding piggyback on Mr. Bungle. Heavy enough to keep me interested, weird and unexpected enough to keep me coming back for more. It took a few listens to really get my head around this, and  will take a few more just to hear everything that's going on here. An odd album for sure, but refreshingly so. I dig it. Available in either digital download or compact disc on Bandcamp


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