Monday, December 24, 2012

Sticky Digit - (2012) Sticky Digit

From demo beginnings, Sticky Digit has steadily evolved into a titanic sounding force fusing infectious melody, stoner grooves and twisting rhythms in the vein of Kyuss and Soundgarden. After a line-up trimming and time in the studio Wexford based 3-piece featuring Edgar Bird on vocals and guitar, Martin Codd on bass and Eddie Murray on drums toured their self-released split single 'Between the Middle'' across the country in 2010. With recent support slots to Wallis Bird, Souls; Mani (Stone Roses) the band Have currently digitally released their long awaited self titled debut album with Physical copies and a tour available in the new year.  Featuring guest artist Clive Barnes, Ivan DePrume (former White Zombie drummer) and Wallis Bird.

The 3-Piece known as Sticky Digit are a new and obviously talented group of musicians. Taking hints of Nirvana and fusing it with the newer sounds of "stoner rock" like Queens of the Stone Age and Fu Manchu, and giving it even more muscle with an almost Helmet vibe at times. Hailing from Wexford, which is a county town of Wexford, Ireland. These guys have the goods to make a serious dent in the music scene. With great riffs, serious attention to songwriting, fabulous harmonized vocals and a well produced, great sounding debut album on their hands, Sticky Digit are ready for world domination. Check em out, you wont regret it. Available right now as a download from Bandcamp.

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