Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mudweiser - (2013) Angel Lust

In sunny Montpellier, 4 Mudweiser (2 ex-Eyeless and Reuno of Lofofora) take their instruments. The ambition was clear, play loud rock n' roll. Fat, dirty and decadent. Smelling of the south, beer and whiskey.

Their sound is muddy, ears tripe directly without going through the brain to drag you into their world, where losers rule. With their debut album "Holy Shit" in 2009 and 4 track vinyl release "Drug Queens" in 2011, Mudweiser has emerged as one of the mainstays of stoner rock "made in France". Today Mudweiser released their new album Angel Lust, as always on Head Records. -press release-

When I first heard this band a few years ago, with their debut album "Holy Shit", I knew right off the bat these guys had something cool to offer lovers of the riff, and heavy music in general. The guys haven't changed much with their newest release "Angel Lust" (and that's a good thing). Full of southern-metal-redneck-rock, gut busting bass lines, doomy blues riffs, all the while not being scared to tone it down with some psychedelic noodling, keeping the album interesting. All enhanced by the throat shredding, three pack a day vocals of Rueno.

I know its early in the year, and this year seems like its going to be one helluva year for music releases. "Angel Lust" is a must have for your music collection. Hitting the streets and your home, in the form of a compact disc or double vinyl around the 14th of February, or if you cant wait that long it will be available as a digital release February 1st. Check the labels Bandcamp page for ordering info. -AdamW-

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