Friday, January 18, 2013

Prehistoric Pigs - (2012) Wormhole Generator

As I sit here on this finally Friday, beer in hand, bloodshot eyes and a plastic smile. I throw on the new offering from the Prehistoric Pigs. A new instrumental outfit from Italy. Italy... the Italians always seem to impress me lately. They must grow some fine cheeba over there, because almost on a daily basis I'm hearing another great band from that part of the world.

"The Pigs" are no exception, right away I'm bombarded with a sonic assault to the nervous system. Pummeling drums and some tasty and concise riffage. Sounding as though these guys have been pounding out grooves for a decade. The band is tight, the music is heavy. The groove runs amok in ones head like a jackal feasting on a dead carcass. Lots of times instrumental bands are hard to swallow for some reason. The lack of vocals usually, I think, leaves a big gap in the overall experience. This time, however, they are not needed, and/or missed. If you like bands like Karma to Burn, Kyuss, Colour Haze and groovin', doomy psychedelic stuff this is something you're gonna want to check out. All you need  to know is here, on their Bandcamp page.

-Adam W-

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