Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stone Machine Electric - (2013) Stone Machine Electric

Stone Machine Electric started in the summer of 2009 with founding members Mark Kitchens and William (Dub) Irvin. Dub had asked Kitchens if he'd be interested in helping him start a band since the two had been in other bands together in previous years. The line-up was completed once they were joined by Mark Cook on Bass in December of 2012. -bio-

Brand spankin' new recording from Arlington, Texas based outfut "Stone Machine Electric". Heavy like a steamroller, full of head-bangin' fuzz riffs, groovy, hard psychedelia. Like a mixture between Melvins and old Clutch with a dash of Cathedral, is the best way to describe their sound. Great stuff, Recommended!  -AdamW-

Buy the compact disc here, or follow the download link below.


  1. oops, i fixed it... 5 tracks seems like an ep, i guess i just wanted more!


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