Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Quartet of Woah! - (2012) Ultrabomb

"Ultrabomb" (Raging Planet) is the debut album from Lisbon based rock band The Quartet of Woah!.

"Ultrabomb" is a concept album with political and social criticism held on a fictional universe but whose plot adapts perfectly to the time of change that we live nowadays. Inspired on a children book from the 70;s that was banned by censorship in most European countries as well as in Argentina (from where it was first released), "Ultrabomb" is a record that tells us the story of Master Lever a man that was driven by his thirst for power and greed.

Born in 2010, The Quartet of Woah! are Goncalo Kotowicz (LunaSeaSane, Melange, Nocorette), Rui Guerra (Melange), Migual Costa (Blasted Mechanism, LunaSeaSane, Zorg) and Anre Goncalves (Philharmonic Weed), taking their musical differences as an advantage to build a unique rock sound that covers over three decades of rock, the band board on a musical journey with the self-titled album: "Ultrabomb" bringing out the best and worst in them to make songs about ambition, deception, politics and war.  -PressRelease-

Having been a music addict for over 30 years,  Literally thousands of bands have graced my ears in that time. And I truly love all kinds of rock n' roll music. If it's good, its good. I know everybody has a different interpretation of what good is. That's the way it should be. If everyone thought the same the world would be a pretty boring place, right? Well this blog and the bands that have been placed within its pages are my interpretations of what good music is. By simply posting on here states that I think something is better than average, or "good". And, really this is just a log of stuff that I think is cool, for my own personal use. However, if I can turn one person on to something they can appreciate for years to come, nothing could make me happier.

So enter this new band from Lisbon, Portugal "The Quartet of Woah!". Like I said above, I've heard lots of music in my time. I'm always searching for that band that just speaks volumes to me, has that mysterious code hidden within their notes and lyrics that sparks something inside me, makes me feel something. It doesn't happen to me everyday, but it does happen occasionally. The Quartet's debut album "Ultrabomb" is one of those albums. These guys really know their instruments and how to write a fuckn' song.

Taking cues from everything cool in music from the last four decades, "Ultrabomb" is what heavy rock should be. Combining the current state of underground riff rock and the progressive rock movement from the 70's, even some of the new wave stuff from the 80's and grunge from the 90's makes this debut album a real treat for the ears. The Quartet sound genuinely unique during the whole hour of music on Ultrabomb. Rui Guerra, who handles the majority of the vocals, piano and keyboards on the album has a great set of pipes. He sounds alot like the old Acid Bath singer (and somewhat of an underground legend) Dax Riggs

There's really something for everyone on Ultrabomb, for people that follow the newer state of stoner rock, like Bigelf and Truckfighters, to the old fogies that like Deep Purple, Queen, Yes and Rush. The production is top-notch, especially for a debut album from a basically unheard band. It just goes to show that just when you think you've heard it all something pops in and takes you by surprise. The compact disc comes housed in a really nice four panel, glossy digi-pack, with a foldout booklet. The lyrics on one side and a full-sized poster on the other. A really nice package that one can tell wasn't just thrown together. Like the music inside, had some thought put into it. I could go on and on about how awesome I think Ultrabomb is, but it's up to the listener to decide. Like I said earlier, good is just good, but everyone's idea of what that is, is never the same. Whatever you do, give it a listen and judge for yourself. Then come back here and tell me how right I am.

-Adam W-


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