Friday, February 22, 2013

Demonauta - (2012) Caminando en la Luna

Demonauta who is hailing from Santiago, Chile is yet another great South American band to be heard on Bandcamp. Ready to be exposed as one of the best stoner releases from this part of the world in a very long time! 

The new ep 'Caminando En La Luna' (walking on the moon) is the third release by this demonic fuzz trio who brings you the best in fuzz rock. Considering what is offered these gents seem to have spent much time in front of the altar of the almighty rock temple prior to recording this album. The Chileans have managed to create the perfect sound for this kind of music which means loads of psychedelic deep dives and plenty of fuzz, more than enough to feed any starving stoner freak out there. 

The songs are sung in Spanish which I personally think fits the genre very well, even if I don't understand the language myself I choose not to worry. In short, this is old school and can be compared with how it sounded in the "old days" like 10-15 years ago when bands like Dozer and Fu Manchu were raised to the skies. This time I have chosen to abstain from comparing Demonauta with other bands, but would like to add that Kyuss and Los Natas seems to have had a tangible impact on these men... Thumbs up!

-Tobias Beament-


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