Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hellryde Inc. - (2012) Hellryde Incorporated

Hellryde Incorporated was formed gradually after several years of working on different projects, different genres. Inspired by the ideas and musical concepts in common, time allowed the band to harvest the essence that is currently heard throughout the various songs. 

From Monterrey Mexico, all the power of the stoner metal genre away from the common music in the country comes Hellryde Inc and their first album Hellryde Incorporated which despite not having even a music label contains a highly quality more than acceptable for all those surviving old school rockers and new generations that find in music the fuel to continue every day activities and for the five songs that this production offers, will be fully satisfied.

The Mexican Hellryde Inc. is one of the better bands that flourishes on Bandcamp nowadays. Heavy as fuck, and like a hard-hitting heavyweight boxer they hit themselves toward the top without leaving anything uncrushed! 

Hellryde Inc. has conjured up a real meaty mixture on their debut ep 'Hellryde Incorporated' where the main ingredient is stoner metal. But there are also a few other odds and ends that make themselves heard during the journey. Among the gruesome heaviness you also find some softer and grungier parts which makes the whole of it more nuanced.

Each song on 'Hellryde Incorporated' pretty much stands on its own, but there are especially three songs that tickles a little extra. If you're having a bad day, then the opening track ' Piss Me Off' is for you, and the second track 'Insomnia' is for sure the caretaker of your sleeping problems. While the third track 'Love Is In The Grave' deals with "your" inner depraved desires!

It is quite tedious to constantly compare bands with each other, but sometimes you have to. However, this is one of those I-have-to moments and the bands that come to mind are Down, Corrosion Of Conformity and Mannhai. Which (I hope) is a pretty good description for these Mexicans  There are probably a few more to add, but who cares, as long as these evil tones flow from the speakers, I am happy. 

Grab a beer and enjoy the "Hellryde" through the promised land of heavy rock!

-Tobias Beament-


  1. Hellryde Incorporated - Love is in the grave
    free download at Puregrainaudio.com


  2. Our official video is up!


  3. A single was released from the lead guitarrist of Hellryde Incorporated:

    Viejo Macabro - I Am the Wolf


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