Friday, February 8, 2013

The Superguns - (2013) EP

Born from late night / early morning booze, and forged through countless jam sessions in an old bordello in Collingwood. The Superguns are a four piece Stoner Metal band from Melbourne, Victoria that bring an energetic, dynamic and aggressive stage show that punters have said; pays homage to a range of influences from Orange Goblin, Pantera, Kyuss and The Melvins.

Having recently recorded their début self titled EP with Joel Taylor (The Abandonment) at Three Phase studios and mastered at West West Studios in New York City, By Alan Douches (West West Side Music). The Superguns are set to make their mark on the Australian music scene with a launch in the new year, coupled with a planned touring schedule in 2013. -Bio-
The Superguns are:
Jacky Boy – Vocals
Aidan Barrett – Guitar
Benny Langman – Bass
Rene Badalassi – Drums

Here you have the wicked of oz, four guys who eat barbed wire for breakfast, and not just using big guns but S U P E R G U N S to convince the world of their existence! These mean Australian sharp shooters have just begun their journey and offer one hell of a ride on their debut ep.

The Superguns have a lot to give, and kicks off right away without any inhibitions. The music is raw and vicious, dirty and accurate, and is a typical example of high explosive stoner rock 'n' roll with some southern metal thrown in. And of course these Aussies have also managed to find a singer who feeds on whiskey, chalk and gravel. These guys have really done their homework and embrace both older and newer influences causing the whole to feel more intact. Bands that come to mind are Alabama Thunderpussy, Halfway To Gone and Gallactus... and don’t forget the early works of Nashville Pussy and The Hookers.

From where I come from we use the word "action rock" and that is precisely what this bundle of energy is preaching. A straight-forward rock 'n' roll machine that stands firmly on trembling ground, these dudes simply grind everything in their way! 

-Tobias Beament-

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