Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mantra Machine - (2012) Stage One

Mantra Machine started out as a new project early 2012 when guitarist Paul, bass player Tjø and drummer Jeroen started to play experimental jams together in their studio.

Influenced by the likes of stoner, spacerock and psychedelics, Mantra Machine is set out to reach new audiences with a mix of heavy guitars, shimmering bass and grooving drums, soaked in 'mantra style' instrumental synth soundscapes. 

With a new set they did a successful gig at the Sonic Rock Solstice festival 2012 in England and have recently finished their first release 'Stage One'. -Bio- 

I got hooked up with this EP awhile ago, and keep going back to it. Its great music to chill out with. Lumbering at times like a sedated elephant and quite groovin' at others. If a band comes from Holland, you better believe they take their stoner rock seriously. The three instrumental tracks on Mantra Machine's debut EP pack more fuzz than a 70's porno, while at the same time never losing the tripped out and laid back vibe of top-notch psychedelic rock. "Stage One" has a great jam feel to it. Like everything was recorded "off the floor" in one take. With nothing more than the band, their instruments, a lava lamp and some incense burning. It will be interesting to hear where these guys go from here.    -Adam-

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