Friday, March 15, 2013

Savora - (2012) Company of Dogs

Many, many years ago, it would have probably still packed in the corner "garage rock" (and he twirls his mustache) ... Today we call something good "stoner rock." Hmmm ... (... and he twirls his mustache again). So perhaps we would have already times an approximate idea of ​​how the wind blows. A few years ago, founded in Passau, the band Savora are four more or less young men making music inviting you to drink beer. Heavy rock music, relatively reduced, from hi-end as far away as MacD... of genuine food, sometimes rough, brutal even, with hypnotic groove, maybe not stylish, maybe not perfect but: real! Straight rock songs and strange fever dreams with extra length, sometimes with and sometimes without singing... click music without going through The style dictates. Savora is the fat on the ribs of Passau's rock music! Savora are like a morning latte ... all day! Savora has nothing to do with the eponymous French mustard specialty! But also tastes! Or no .... better! -Bio (bad Google translation)-

Been listening to this album for awhile now, it really seems to be a grower. Combining all the essential nutrients of quality music. With not much info about this band on the internet, they are as elusive as their music is hypnotizing. Or maybe I just didn't dig deep enough. Whatever the case may be. Plenty of fuzz guitar and psychedelic freak-outs run rampant through the bands debut album "Company of Dogs". Noisy at times, grungy at others, all with an underlying punk attitude. Really surprising stuff that flew way too low under the radar. Check it out, as always... on Bandcamp.
-Adam W-

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