Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stonehenge - (2013) Bunch of Bisons

"German stoner rock is notorious for its grandiose take on the mentioned genre and has gained quite some popularity because of it. Continuing in the same vein Stonehenge unleashes this album upon us. Bunch of Bisons can be described as a conglomeration of heavy fuzzed out stoner rock taking elements from both modern as well as the swamis of the genres ala Kyuss and Fu Manchu along with scanty trips into the psychedelia infused unexplained expanses and bluesy marijuana meanderings in a mirage inducing desert baked by the hot sun. These are meshed together with a rock out and live in the moment attitude of classic rock bands and with touches of krautrock sprinkled throughout all the time backed with the unpredictability and song writing skills of progressive rock bands. After you wrap your head around that, drench this in an organ bathed atmosphere and you have what is collectively known as Stonehenge." - Vaibhav Jain (Facebook)

Call it retro, call it stoner rock, call it whatever you want to. There is a huge movement in great bands popping out almost everyday, and thanks to the internet it's almost too easy to hear it all. I remember back before the internet, you had to go to an actual store, be it in the local strip mall, or wherever to get the album you wanted and they would never have what you were looking for, so you would have to order it and wait two weeks for it to arrive, then go back to said store and pick it up. Those days are long gone with the digital world at your fingertips. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, I really don't know. There's both positives and negatives on that subject. Had the debut album by Stonehenge been released in those days, you can bet It would be on my list and I would of had to search it out and wait patiently to hear it.

"Bunch of Bisons" is the title given to this album, and its a real scorcher. Full of retro 70's grooves, tons of killer guitar riffs, tasteful organ flourishes, soulful vocals, and a great sounding production to top it all off. Imagine Deep Purple mixed with the newer sounds of bands like Clutch and Pothead. Great stuff!    -Adam-

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