Monday, April 15, 2013

Death Ape Disco - (2013) Supervolcano

Death Ape Disco is a five-headed hard rock monster, formed in Southern England over a few drinks and a shared love of heavy music. The album Supervolcano was written over a two-year period and recorded at Envy Studios Petersfield. The CD features brilliant photography by Greig Clifford and awesome paintings by Becca Weight, in an 8 page booklet of artwork with lyrics that expands and complements the Supervolcano universe. 

Death Ape Disco is another one of those bands I almost didn't listen to. After seeing the album art, I thought it was some crappy band comprised of a bunch of kids that will probably never get out of their parents basement or garage. But the name intrigued me enough to dig in a little deeper and give their debut album a listen. I have to say I'm glad I did. "Supervolcano" is a slab of beefy rock. Full of piss and vinegar, memorable chorus's and hooks-o-plenty.

The band claims influences such as Clutch, Tool, Down and Alice in Chains. Along with Black Label Society and Vision of Disorder. I hear a bit of all those bands hiding within. I also hear quite a comparison to another one of my favorite bands, Supafuzz.  

Robert Rainford has the rare ability to alter his voice, and sound like an almost different singer on each track. On the track "Eclipse" he sounds a bit like Geoff Tate of Queensryche at the beginning of the song, then sounding like Zakk Wylde the next minute. 

This is one of those albums, and bands that have that something special you can hear from the first few seconds. And stays with you even after the album is over. My only advise is to get some cooler album artwork. -ADAM-

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