Monday, April 8, 2013

Pet the Preacher - (2013) Short Stories: Papa Zen & Meet the Creature

This is the follow-up release to last years highly acclaimed concept album „The Banjo“. It features the pre-Banjo EP „Meet the creature“ (2011) and the post-Banjo EP „Papa Zen“ (2012), both recorded live in the Dead Rat Studios, Kopenhagen and produced by Jacob Bredahl. The band shows again their variability and proves that they have made great steps forward - six amazing tracks that shorten the wait for full length album number two!!

If you've heard "The Banjo", as I did you know you're in for a treat here. Gives you a taste where the band was before that album, then fast-forwards and lets u hear where the band is now. On this newer material is what I'm talkin about. A stunning amalgamation of honesty and beauty,  fused with angst and aggression. I'll be damned if it doesn't hit the right chord in this guy. This is heavy rock the way it should be done.


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