Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Palm Desert - (2013) Rotten Village Sessions

Born from the dried earth. Raised by the god’s of heat and dust. Made of wild Indian blood. Unchased by the desert flames. Fed by the sand. Drunk on burned fuel addicted to sun chasing solarland residents… the desert… PALM DESERT

Almost three years have passed since the last album which was a really pleasant acquaintance. And now they are back in the saddle again and it appears they have worked a little extra in both songwriting and production, which has paid dividends. On the new album 'Rotten Village Sessions' their strings are sharper than ever and they have broadened their musical skills a bit which explores both psychedelia and progressive rock.

The 5th album kicks off right away and the glowing 'Down the Odyssey' cuts itself like a manic cleaver through the fuzzy sound-scapes. There is tons of fuzzyness and accurate riffs, and the singer belching desert sand in the most constructive way. The second titbit 'Till The Sun Goes Down' runs pretty much in the same vein, but has a more progressive attribute which also offers an intense treatment of heavy ass kicking. The last track 'White Wolf' is one of my absolute favorites which digs deep furrows in the sand. With its almost 13 minutes is "the largest pearl in the collection"

The feeling of sun, fun and desert sand are still there, and essentially the Poles are still strongly influenced by DO-I-HAVE-TO-SPELL-IT-OUT... Ky... and its successors. But as I pointed out earlier Palm Desert dares to loosen up more on this album, and their music has matured which makes the whole thing more nuanced than before. Together with the previous 'Falls of the Wastelands' the new album is the best they've done so far. Among the nine tracks you will find lots of goodies!

-Tobias Beament-

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